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Custom stage curtains can be confusing, and we’re here to help.

From design to installation we’ll bring new life to your stage curtains, one traveler at a time.

Here’s what we offer:


The decorative curtain you will find suspended in front of your theatre’s large stage curtain.

Front Traveler

Traveler curtains are the most common type of front curtain and also called draw curtains. Breaking at the center and sitting at a fixed elevation these are your primary theatre focal point!


Used to hide overhead lighting and rigging equipment from audience view, border curtains help define the top limit of your stage viewpoint.


Similar to borders, legs determine the width of your stage by setting the left and right coverings for actors and unseen stage equipment.

Mid-Stage Traveler

Seated behind your main curtain, mid-stage traveler break at the middle and provide a second layer of depth for your stage.


The transparent mesh fabric used to partially conceal or layer to provide visual effects for your production.

Rear-Stage Traveler 

Breaking at the center, this curtain is seated at the rear stage functioning as your last source of background.


The rear curtain used to represent the sky or other areas in distant vision from the audience.

Masking Curtains

Curtains used to define the audience’s field of vision.

Custom Stage Tracking

Curtain tracking for any system and custom fit for your venue.

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