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The latest technology, straight from our workshop.

We manufacture and carry a vast stock of products – from the smallest wire rope lock to automated stage lifts.

All ready for you to buy or hire; or for us to use in bespoke systems. All delivered with ISO 9001 certification, to assure you of consistent quality and service.

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A wide range of single, double, triple quadruple, and quintruple wire rope pulleys manufactured with the highest quality materials for durable, reliable performance. Our RopeSafe™ line of standard and heavy duty pulleys are manufactured in the UK.

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Stage Lifts & Platforms

  • Stage lifts and platforms play an essential supporting role in theatres.
  • We’ll design them to your exact requirements.
  • Our load capacity and elevation heights are among the best available. We’ll make them completely compatible with your current set-up.
  • We ensure the stage lifts and platforms we install are safe, reliable and adaptable, however challenging the setting.

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Counterweight rigging sets

  • Our single- and double-purchase counterweight rigging set gives you everything you need for maximum fly system flexibility, in one practical, cost-effective package.
  • Reliable and durable components, designed and built with longevity in mind.
  • All parts made from the highest quality materials, so you can be sure your theatre productions will run smoothly well into the future.

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Pipe Grids

  • Endlessly useful, the steel-pipe grid enables you to hang lighting, speakers, TV monitors and more, even in restricted-height spaces like a recording studio.
  • We can design pipe grids to your specification, no matter what size your performance or production space.
  • Our cost-effective designs are built with longevity in mind – so whether you’re looking for a completely new installation or a replacement, you know you’re getting an adaptable grid you can rely on.


  • Our pile wind hoists are perfect for raising items such as lighting bars, trusses and banners, in venues where space is limited.
  • Working with you to get a full picture of your needs, we’ll work out weight capacities, number of wires required, winch speed, drum capacity and so on – so your finished pile wind hoist is optimized for every eventuality.
  • Made from reliable, durable, lightweight materials – with safety and efficiency built in.

Curtain Track

  • Attractive, lightweight and unobtrusive curtain tracks, designed with reliability and durability in mind.
  • Ideal for large domestic, club and boardroom use, as well as theatre and other performance venues.
  • Made from continuously extruded aluminium for lightness and strength, with self-lubricating nylon sliders for smooth performance.
  • Can be operated by remote control or by handline.


  • Easy to install and use, aluminium trusses enable you to hang equipment like lighting and pulleys exactly where you want them.
  • Compact, lightweight modular pipes can be quickly connected, saving time on assembly and breakdown.
  • Secure, easy-to-use connectors and tapered pins are made from the highest quality materials to ensure reliability, durability and longevity.

Motor Control Systems

  • Motor control systems specifically designed to meet the needs of the entertainment sector.
  • Working alongside industry leading professionals, we only choose the best control systems for your venue.

Tension Wire Grid

  • Easily Configurable
  • Provides a clean and safe walking surface Is lightweight but provides maximum strength
  • Is quick to install
  • Maintains a self preserving design
  • Is fully tested and inspected