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Prodigy Hoists

The Prodigy Hoist can be installed in almost any space, in almost any position. The unique external structure allows the powerhead to be mounted upright (standing on top of the grid), underhung (suspended below the grid or roof structure), or vertically (attached to the sidewall of the stage). Hoists may also be mixed in with counterweight tee guides on the side of the stage. This flexibility allows for denser placement of line sets so battens can be located as close as eight inches on center, even if all the powerheads are located on one side of the stage. Prodigy (-skeleton) hoists utilize essentially the same powerheads manufactured for traditional Prodigy Hoists, which permit the installation of a motorized rigging system in nearly any location that can support the weight of the powerhead and the forces created by lifting the scenery, lights, drapes and other suspended loads.