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Multiline II Hauling Rope

Multiline II is a twisted rope composed of three strands with filament cover around a polyolefin core. The cover of the strands lends to this static rope a fuzzy feel and makes it easier to grip, even when wet. The core makes the rope firm and round without adding weight. This gives Multiline II good abrasion resistance and handling characteristics. Multiline II comes in nine different diameters and is easily identified by its distinctive orange markers. Popular in the theater and film production rigging. Popular in the hunting/outfitting industry for utility rope.

This static rope features the following advantages: the filaments in the strand cover improve grip and knot holding properties, even when wet a polyolefin core keeps the strands firm and round, improving knot holding ability and hand available in sizes from 8 mm to over 28 mm easy to splice consistently supple feel throughout the service life of the rope ideal for rigging Theater Rope