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ETC Foundation Control System

Elevate your performance with the push of a button. iStudio Projects can provide the ideal, high-quality controls you need for operating your systems.

You’re not always working in the same spot in your venue, so why should your rigging control station? The Foundation® Desk comes in a small form factor with an optional adjustable cart that makes it easy to move where you want – to the front of house, where your plug-in points are located, or anywhere you have a view of your rig. With 192 axes of control and, it makes a good addition to larger and more complex installations.

The Foundation Desk has many features to simplify operation. It has a 17-inch, articulating touchscreen with HD resolution for better graphics and more convenient viewing. Its joystick and improved GO buttons are comfortable to use, and its E-stop button is in a recessed cup to help prevent accidental triggers.

You can be ready for the future, thanks to the Foundation Desk’s fast processor and external monitor support that can work with the next generation of software. And with all ETC Rigging software upgrades, they are free of charge to you.

The Foundation Desk easily fits into your rigging system, because it’s compatible with the Foundation Server and all ETC Rigging hoists and accessories (with the exception of the Foundation wall-mount swing arm and rack-mount kits), of course.