We provide inspection and maintenance contracts, engineering design and installation for entertainment venues. We also supply and manufacture stage technology.
Houston Entertainment Venue Design Company


We provide the technical drawings structural calculations to make your venue the best it can be.
Houston Entertainment Venue Equipment Manufacturing


We machine pieces to your specification using high-tec computerized milling and laser-cutting capabilities.
Houston Entertainment Venue Equipment Installation


100 years of combined installation experience across the theatre, TV, film, and construction industries.
Houston Entertainment Venue Inspection Company


Ensuring your theatre, studio, school, place of worship or other venue is safe for everyone.

Our Approach

Stage engineering without the drama

Great Service

Our trademark. We’re known for delivering the near-impossible, on time and on budget – and we’ve got some amazing customer stories to show for it. Our customers know they can call us any time and get a fast, friendly response. And if you share our passion for specialist stage technology and engineered solutions, you’ll enjoy bouncing ideas around with us as your creative partners. ISO 9001 certification ensures we constantly improve on our own high standards.

Engineering Excellence

We love it when customers bring us stretching challenges. For example, we’re as happy renovating existing systems as we are creating and installing from scratch.

We have the expertise to assess, plan and do what’s best for you and your budget.


Innovation is part of the service. Our inventive engineers, and our links with Cambridge University’s engineering department, keep us and our customers in the forefront of industry developments.

A Strategic Viewpoint

We’re not just about technical wizardry. We seek to understand your organization’s commercial and strategic goals, and create cost-effective, bespoke solutions to help you meet them.

Our History

From industry secret to international success

For 20 years iStudio Projects operated in association with larger organizations, and was something of a trade secret in the stage engineering world. We began operating independently in 2012, making a major investment in people, machinery and premises. Since then, business has soared – but we’ve expanded carefully to protect our most precious asset: our ability to deliver outstanding customer service.

Our Future

Based in Houston Texas, iStudio Projects is well placed to serve customers in the US and around the world. All our products are manufactured in the UK, maximizing our control of quality and reliability. We supply equipment in two ways: either sourcing it from trusted suppliers, or manufacturing bespoke items in our own facility, at competitive rates.

Our in-house manufacturing capability means we can serve customers from other industries too. Supplying customized products such as wire rope pulleys – reliably, quickly and economically – is a fast-growing part of our business.